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"In operation for over 60 years,

STEC is a Generation and Transmission Cooperative serving 8 member cooperatives of South Texas"

South Texas Electric Cooperative was formed in 1944 to provide wholesale electric power to member cooperatives. Presently the South Texas Electric Cooperative serves eight distribution cooperatives; Karnes, Wharton County, Victoria, Jackson, San Patricio, Nueces, Magic Valley and Medina electric cooperatives. These cooperatives provide service to over 170,000 members in 65 South Texas counties.

South Texas Electric Cooperative
2012 Annual Report
2012 Annual Report
This year’s annual report features the Great Egret on the Cover. In the Early part of the 20th, the Great Egret faced many challenges. Plume hunters and public apathy toward the egret decimated the flocks. With the help of legislation and public awareness, the egret populations returned to healthy levels by 2012. Over time numerous comparisons and symbolisms are attributed to wildlife. Sport teams, corporations, and even athletic heroes take pride in this type of association. When I took the photograph and began to comprehend the significance of the egret’s struggle, it was apparent that many of the challenges and qualities of the Great Egret could be associated with South Texas Electric Cooperative. Consequently when it came time for the annual report, I thought it fitting to use this photograph and the comparisons as points in STEC’s history