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"In operation for over 70 years,

STEC is a Generation and Transmission Cooperative serving 8 member cooperatives of South Texas"

South Texas Electric Cooperative was formed in 1944 to provide wholesale electric power to member cooperatives. Presently the South Texas Electric Cooperative serves eight distribution cooperatives; Karnes, Wharton County, Victoria, Jackson, San Patricio, Nueces, Magic Valley and Medina electric cooperatives. These cooperatives provide service to over 170,000 members in 42 South Texas counties.

South Texas Electric Cooperative
2013 Annual Report
2013 Annual Report
The front cover features that innovative device that has coexisted with the flora and fauna of the Members' service areas since settlers arrived - the windmill. Improvements to windmill designs in the mid-1800s led to its widespread use in remote locations that made it possible to extend railroads and for settlers to farm and ranch areas without natural water supplies. There are many parallels in the improvements in life style that the windmill and the Member Cooperatives made possible for people in rural south Texas.